Friday, January 22, 2016

We're starting something here

Alien Silhouette 3D
Hi guys! We’re really excited about the new project we’re starting and we want to share our process and workflow with you, so we’re going to start posting our work here, on a regular basis.
Our project is based around creating a Digital Art portfolio for video games, so what you’ll find here will be 2D and 3D art in posts covering the production process behind props, characters, environments and vehicles.

Now, here’s a bit of info about the artists behind this:

Tudor is an artist who understands how to tackle the transition from any 2D concept into a 3D one. He is influenced by H.R.Giger, one of the major, prominent artists that inspired him to focus mostly on building great characters. He believes digital art is all about progress and innovation as the art-tech boundary is being pushed further every day. He mainly works in ZBrush and he will have a lot to tell you about it, if asked.
Vlad is the one that creates wondrous, immersive, unbinding worlds. Lots of artists are and were a major influence in his drawings, but more recently he is greatly inspired by the sci fi artists of the 70's and 80's such as Syd Mead and John Harris. He believes digital art is still art. Even if you no longer use the canvas, now you use your Wacom. And your Photoshop, when it becomes your favorite software.
Doru has a background in photographic arts, so his work is sharp, clean and on the point. He looks up to Craig Mullins, Noah Bradley, Raphael Lacoste, Bernini and the list goes on. He enjoys doing digital art because it’s flexible and it allows him to find his own set of tools, create his own workflows, keeps him engaged and wanting to experiment. He currently uses Modo for modelling, Photoshop, 3d Coat and Substance Painter for texturing and a lot of others depending on needs. 
Norbi goes from idea to concept in a split second because he is remarkable with speed painting. He’s the most flexible of the bunch, a constant explorer of styles and techniques. He doesn’t settle on appreciating just one or two artists, but rather all who have something to add to his artistry. He believes digital art is the next natural evolutionary step for traditional art. When asked about his favorite tool, he will also point to Photoshop due to its versatility.  

We’ll be glad to get your feedback on the work, so talk to us!

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